Conversation (Assignment on 10.8.2017)

This is the first day of school. Ren and Yoon Ji are put in the same class and met each other for the first time in a certain international school in Indonesia. It's 6.00 AM but the class starts at 7.00 AM.Ren: Umm.. Hello, I'm Shishio Ren, what's your name?Yoon Ji: Oh, hi, Shishio. You're so early. I'm Min Yoon Ji. You can call me Yoon Ji. It's nice to meet you.Ren: Okay then, Yoon Ji. Nice to meet you too, and call me Ren. Also, you're early tooYoon Ji: Hehe, thanks Ren, umm, how old are you?Ren: I'm 15. What about you?Yoon Ji: I'm 15 too! Anyway, where do you come from?Ren: I came from Japan. I just moved to Jakarta last year because I have a cousin that lives here and I'm interested with Indonesia. What about you?Yoon Ji: Whoa... I'm from South Korea. I've been in Indonesia for 2 years now because of my dad's job. What makes you interested in Indonesia if I may ask?Ren: I personally think the culture in Indonesia is really unique…

It's All About Me

It's All About Me
Hi there! I want to introduce myself. My name is Fawwazti Rasendria. People usually call me Asti. I was born in Bekasi, 15 January 2003. I'm now fourteen years old. I'm a new student in Senior High School 3 Bandung and I'm so proud of it. I want to tell you more about me in this blog.
I have a short hair but you won't see that because I wear hijab, I'm kind of short, my height is only 153 cm. My shoe size is 37. I have dark brown eyes. I have asymmetry eyebrows since I was born. 
I have some hobbies that I usually do if I'm bored, they're singing, drawing, listening to the music, or reading comics or novels. I like singing and I sing a lot at my home but don't ever expect that I have a beautiful voice. I like drawing a person with Japanese animation style because of Japanese animation, which often called as Anime, I started to like drawing. I also like listening to the music and my favorite genre of music is pop and hip hop. I lik…